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The days in 2015 here at GREEN BIRD MEDIA – San Diego Web Design have been very encouraging and supportive. We were busy building and delivering various projects and had our faces glued to monitors and fingers to the keyboard. Below is a round up of each category in brief. The list is pretty large, we limited it one to two.

Web Design and Development:

A great San Deigo web design company will be your partner in making your website, we look thoroughly all your business needs covered in your website and provide additional resources that are logo design, visual design, responsive design, call to action, track your conversions, engage pages and much more.

Drupal web design:

While we worked on a lot of Drupal projects and launched quite a few of them, we would highlight only the kind of complex projects we accomplished during this 2015 year.

i) Migrating Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 (we have in the past migrated Drupal6 to Drupal7) since Drupal 8 has been officially launched throughout the world last month we at GreenBirdMedia focusing more on helping clients convert their Drupal 6 sites to Drupal 8 directly.

ii) Migrating Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

iii) Beyond regular Drupal web site development, we have successfully completed complex Drupal features on the sites below : – Teachers Unite is an independent membership organization of public school educators in New York City. – A promotional websites for filmmakers to showcase their projects.

WordPress Web Design:

Similar to our Drupal Website Development San Deigo, our WordPress CMS Development Services have been on the upswing as well. We built more than 20 WordPress customized websites this year, but noted among them is “” where on we had to Customize WooCommerce  Plugin greatly. Check out yourself what we did to make a high profile website.

Search Engine Optimization:

Our digital marketing specialists were able to provide search engine optimization and online rankings for many of our new clients. This 2015 has been a great success for our SEO or Digital Marketing Services. The first year of offering full scale services to our clients made us proud since we bagged 3 clients for such services:




2015 Roundup

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