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Business Web Design: GBM Launches Well-Branded Mosquito Genie™ Web Design

Green Bird Media was contacted by Mosquito Genie™ inventor Tom Fleming, to create a business web design with e-commerce functionality. The Mosquito Genie™ is a new product, so we started from scratch working closely with Tom to create logo, brand, packaging and a content management system for their new business web design that functions even before production as a source of information and blogging and post-production as a place to purchase the Mosquito Genie™ which is an eco-friendly, mosquito-eliminating outdoor lantern. Currently the Mosquito Genie™ is not available for purchase, but users can sign up to receive an email once the product is released which is anticipated in the Summer of 2009.

One of the most exciting things about working with Tom is his receptiveness to unusual ideas. We used our Flash animator to create an animated movie to illustrate the way Mosquito Genie™ eliminates mosquitoes. The animated short turned out great and adds a new dimension to the overall website experience.

As web designers concerned with on-page optmization, we developed the site on Drupal, a CMS, and added a blog so Tom could begin to build the online reputation for Mosquito Genie™ by writing posts. The website design also contains a mix of Drupal modules for SEO, making it possible to write custom page title tags, meta tags and more.

To find out more about their new business web design and to see the animation visit, and look at the web design below.

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