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California Groundwater Coalition Launches New Tool in their Tool Belt.

A new non-profit website by San Diego Web Design Company Green Bird Media, was launched recently to start the process of educating the public. The goal of the new website is to create awareness of California State & Local Officials to Groundwater Resources about the role Groundwater plays in providing a safe & reliable water supply for California and sustain our economy.

The California Groundwater Coalition was established in 2007 as a joint initiative of the Groundwater Resources Association of California, the Association of Ground Water Agencies, and American Ground Water Trust. The coalition has since expanded members to include public and private water suppliers throughout the state. California’s Groundwater Coalition’s mission involves bringing to light many of the issues that are highly complex and battling the many misconceptions Officials have.

The new website had the goals of informing, discussing, & educating Californians on the effects to Groundwater that can include pollution, climate, biodiversity, conservation and preservation of these natural water resources that helps renew the fight for this precious resource, our Ground Water. The new website also helps raise awareness of how natural disasters and other issues can create challenges for development and use of Groundwater.

Working closely with the California Groundwater Coalition we worked to find and solve the goals of the project. Green Bird Media then created an easy to use & user friendly navigation system, while providing users an innovative & educational experience.

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