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Drupal Recently Completes 15 Years

Drupal, is the world’s second most popular Content Management System, recently finished 15years of active development. The Starting first version of Drupal was released in month & year (January, 2000) and still continues to grow high and becomes strong. It’s noteworthy that on the same day of Drupal, Wikipedia was launched. Back in a time … Read more

Excited Key Features of Drupal 8

It was three years back the last release came from Drupal. Drupal fans – developers and administrators, site builders are very excited for the amazing addition to the Drupal web development family that is Drupal 8.  Almost 1700 contributors thoroughly worked on building the latest version of Drupal 8.0.0 and without no  doubt, Drupal 8 … Read more

How to Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Upgrading software to latest version you need to look on several factors like building and configure, resolve new digs, training the staff and migration of content etc. Surprisingly Drupal 8 has coming with all the latest architecture and function’s to allow the change. We are San Diego Website Design Company helped many corporate and small … Read more

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