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Drupal Development Continues Surge in Government Use

As new technologies gain acceptance, they become mainstream. Drupal’s been exhibiting this trend for some time as more corporate entities chose to launch or re-launch web sites using Drupal as their CMS. A CMS (content management system) enables users to store, create and use content on the web more efficiently and easily than HTML coding, … Read more

San Diego Hunger Coalition Launches New Nonprofit Drupal Web Design

The problem of hunger is a personal one. The goal of the San Diego Hunger Coalition–and their new website–is to connect supporters on a personal and emotional level with those they can help. Green Bird Media accomplished that goal for the San Diego Hunger Coalition with bright, vivid photographs of adults and children that create … Read more

How Drupal Reduces Development Costs

An effective web site occupies a key place in any organization’s marketing strategy and web presence. Managers can't ignore the power of the Internet when it comes to communicating with constituents and attracting new prospects or donors. Having budgeted for the initial design, hosting, and launch of the web site, that same careful manager needs … Read more

How Drupal Can Help Your Non-Profit Generate Revenue

Diversifying revenue streams for any organization can ensure survival in a down economy. As a recession deepens and spending tails off, all players in the marketplace suffer. For a non-profit, these macro economic conditions can endanger management’s ability to support core functions and ultimately, perhaps even jeopardize the basic mission. A careful non-profit manager then … Read more

Comparing Website Types with Drupal

Webmasters design and build websites in a dizzying array of categories, featuring different page types and functions. But for purposes of comparison, we can group websites into a limited number of broad types: eCommerce, membership, corporate, non-profit or not-for-profit, for example. Websites belonging to the same category or type would share certain characteristics, or functional … Read more

Drupal Web Design- Drupal for Non-Profits and Internet Marketing

How to Use Drupal Web Design to Leverage Your Overall Internet Marketing Campaign When formulating strategy for a non-profit organization, a thorough manager pays strict attention to Internet marketing as a prime component of the strategic approach. Whatever the goals, whatever the metrics, you can’t get your non-profit to your destination without using the Internet … Read more

How to Use Drupal for Common Nonprofit Functions

Non-profit organizations share several core functions: fundraising, volunteer recruitment and management, and operations and communication, among others. Failure in any of these areas will seriously jeopardize the non-profit’s viability. Leaders in these organizations must devote significant resources to achieving these goals as efficiently as possible or they may put the central mission at risk. Drupal … Read more

Green Bird Media debuts “The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology”

Green Bird Media is excited to announce the debut of yet another non-profit Drupal web design. The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology's new web site is now available to the public. The web presence encourages web visitors to stick around, explore the site, and come back often. Besides looking beautiful, the site's interactive and … Read more

International Model United Nations Association Launches Drupal Web Site with Green Bird Media

The International Model United Nations Association educates young people about global issues by hosting three Model United Nations simulations across the United States. IMUNA has teamed up with Green Bird Media to turn their web site into a platform that manages these complex projects efficiently and accurately. IMUNA's young participant base is accustomed to online … Read more

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