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Business Web Design: GBM Launches

Green Bird Media recently launched a new website for Commercial Lease Advocates, a law firm specializing in lease negotiation for commercial properties. The client wants to use the website as a marketing tool and information base for potential clients. This particular clientele may or may not know that lease negotiation is a way to reduce … Read more

Business Website: Green Bird Media Launches Online Directory Website

Green Bird Media launched a new directory website:! We are excited to announce the launch of this comprehensive directory site. The client, BelloBelle turned to GBM to build a revenue-generating directory for salons, hair stylists, and products. The clean design is inviting for advertisers and offers a variety of ways to promote business. Advertisers … Read more

Business Website: Holistic Life Coaching Web Design Case Study

Web Development Challenge Holistic Life Coaching looked to GBM to convert an existing html site into a Drupal 6 CMS to have easy access to the site and for SEO purposes. There were several issues with the old site: Built in frames, not search-engine friendly Didn’t convey scope of services offered Difficult to read and … Read more

Business Website: Eco G Painters Web Design Case Study

Challenge Create a website for Eco G Painters, eco-friendly painting contractors. The goal is to use to the website to generate new clients, so the website needs to rank well on Google. Solution A bright and friendly website with photographs of interior and exterior paint jobs, and a blog to help increase google rankings and … Read more

Business Website: New Webdesign for Family Kayak Adventure Center Launches

Green Bird Media (GBM) recently designed and developed a new business website for Family Kayak Adventure Center in San Diego, CA. The previous website was all html, and the owner had to manually update the site and upload a page each time changes were made. The move to a Content Management System (CMS) was a … Read more

Green Bird Media Launches Web Design for Electronics Store in L.A.

Green Bird Media has recently launched a revamped website for a big-screen T.V. retailer in Los Angeles. This Drupal site provides a wishlist feature through Pinnacle Cart. Users can browse the store’s stock and create an online wishlist to print and take to the store, or to email to friends and family. The website includes … Read more

Business Website: New Web Design Launch for Home and Office Makeovers

Green Bird Media has launched another business website this week: for our client Kathleen Lilleeng. This small but efficient website features a clean design for Kathleen Lilleeng, a local interior designer. includes a web gallery of Kathleen’s work, and many photographs displaying her style throughout the site. Kathleen specializes in recreating space using … Read more


What is CSS? CSS is a great addition to the web designer's toolbag. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a system of rules that directly effect the display properties of your web pages such as colors, fonts, and layouts on your web browser. CSS style blocks are also commonly referred to as rules. … Read more