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Thunder SEO Drupal design by Green Bird Media

During their recent visual refresh, our friends at Thunder SEO moved their content management system from WordPress to Drupal. They leverage Drupal to display more types of content to site visitors and provide versatility and power for their online storefront. Besides just blog posts, Thunder’s Drupal web site includes Thunder Booms, a special section separating the … Read more

Comparing Website Types with Drupal

Webmasters design and build websites in a dizzying array of categories, featuring different page types and functions. But for purposes of comparison, we can group websites into a limited number of broad types: eCommerce, membership, corporate, non-profit or not-for-profit, for example. Websites belonging to the same category or type would share certain characteristics, or functional … Read more

Drupal Website Process: Why You’re Losing the Best Web Development Talent

Nationally, we spend 250 billion dollars on software development. Yet 83% of these projects are canceled, late and/or over-budget. –James P. Lewis, “Fundamentals of Project Management” We receive RFPs (requests for proposals) on a weekly basis. The majority are awful, and the tragedy is that a poor RFP creates confusion, clutter and cost. A poor … Read more

Drupal Location Module for Two San Diego Web Design Projects

As fortune would have it, we had two websites in desperate need of a zipcode search. We really struggled with this module (and of course the requisite trying 10 other combinations first) and thought these instructions on how to integrate the Drupal Location Module might help other developers avoid the black hole: 1. Setting up … Read more

Integrate Social Media, Email Marketing & PPC

One way to drive traffic to your website is to engage in social media campaigns. The challenge is that this arena is new and relatively untested. There are few best practices and many great stories about a handful of people making a lot of money. But like all marketing endeavors, social media should be engaged: … Read more

Learn & Grow: Web Design and Web Development

Over the past seven years, the one constant in this industry is that everything changes. The video above illustrates how quickly technologies come and go. We’ve provided some information on the basics of web-related topics on the right. Keep in mind that the content is now historical as something new is already being deployed. If … Read more

Business Website: New Webdesign for Family Kayak Adventure Center Launches

Green Bird Media (GBM) recently designed and developed a new business website for Family Kayak Adventure Center in San Diego, CA. The previous website was all html, and the owner had to manually update the site and upload a page each time changes were made. The move to a Content Management System (CMS) was a … Read more


What is CSS? CSS is a great addition to the web designer's toolbag. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a system of rules that directly effect the display properties of your web pages such as colors, fonts, and layouts on your web browser. CSS style blocks are also commonly referred to as rules. … Read more