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Comparing Website Types with Drupal

Webmasters design and build websites in a dizzying array of categories, featuring different page types and functions. But for purposes of comparison, we can group websites into a limited number of broad types: eCommerce, membership, corporate, non-profit or not-for-profit, for example. Websites belonging to the same category or type would share certain characteristics, or functional requirements. eCommerce sites typically include a product gallery or catalog, shopping cart and checkout system, whereas a membership site might feature pages that enable sharing information or functions to handle tiers of membership, and so on. Drupal web design can help you build sites of almost any type easily, quickly and efficiently.


Drupal CMS Advantages.


Various factors contribute to Drupal CMS being a primary tool for building any number of website types. For instance, like other CMS, Drupal open source CMS enables you to revise, enhance and expand your website by making changes once in one database, rather than having to update multiple pages manually. Similarly, Drupal’s ease of use makes it possible for non-technical users to edit and add content without knowledge of HTML editing or web design concepts. Further, the Drupal website design CMS can also aid in keeping your sites search engine friendly, which is critical to attracting new and return visitors.


Additionally, Drupal offers an extensive and growing feature set that includes powerful functions, such as taxonomy, high level user and access control tools, and especially cookbooks. 


Drupal Web Design, Cookbooks.


Cookbooks can dramatically cut your design and development time by providing code snippets for a wide variety of functions common to the most widely used website types. Finally, the Drupal community adds new features continually, extending Drupal’s power and utility. Given these factors, no matter what type of website you need, Drupal CMS can help you design, maintain and revise it more efficiently than any other CMS.

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