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Do it yourself Website – pros and cons

There has been a lot of scope in website building and it has been coming from over a good time. There are a lot of website builder sites that provides this service for building your own website using their interface and tools.  It definitely have some pros and cons related to this as well which we are going to focus on.

Discussing first about the pros of DIY website, the best thing is if you are a non-technical person and have no knowledge about technical specifications and other details required to get a website designed, using a website builder tool of any one of the various available websites that are providing this medium you can create your own website with a vast variety of design themes, and plugins available by that particular service. DIY websites turn out to be affordable and easy to pocket as well. Often free web hosting is also included by the provider & you do not have to depend on your designer for every little change that you want to induce in it. It has a built-in content management system & saves a lot of time and money. So if you are just starting & do not have a large development budget, you can go for this option. On to another side if we see the cons of DIY websites, we see that things are limited to an extent. No changes could be made to the source code and so it cannot be customized as per your desired layout. Whereas if you hire a professional website developer for designing and developing a website it will turn out to be a unique website with customized frames as per your business requirement. Though it will take some good time and money, but the website will come out as a professional, on-target business website.

The most popular DIY websites in demand of current scenario are-

1.       Wix – A drag & drop website builder offering a wide range of templates that are well optimized for mobile & customizable. They charge from $4.08 to $24.90 per month for a one year contract including connecting to your domain.

2. – Their charge goes from $5.99 to $22.29 per month and a two year commitment, though they offer one month money back guarantee. The drag & drop panel is quite user friendly though webs is not considerable if you want a large website as its sub levels is limited to two sub-levels of navigation.

3.       Squarespace – Based on one year contract, monthly price ranging from $8 to $24. Squarespace is a good option for creative artists, photographers, & businesses with a strong aesthetic orientation.

4.       Weebly – One year contract ranging from free to $25. If using your own domain name, an extra of $39.99 per year is compulsory. For a basic website it is a good tool & no cost at the lowest level. But if you want to go big, other tools are much better option to go with.

5.       Go-Daddy- $1 – $9.99 per month for a yearly contract which includes the domain name. Their website builder tool provides free domain name & a nice user friendly interface. There are thousands of modern templates divided industry category wise which makes it easier to choose the right template as per your business & saves time as well. While switching templates, one can lose content so this is a key point to remember while working on a Go Daddy website builder template.

These are the most popular DIY website builder tools, many more are present in the market which can be researched business wise whichever the best in your business category is. Now at this stage, it would have been much easier to choose which way to go, either choose a DIY tool or to go with a professional web developer.

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