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Drupal and SEO, Modules for Optimized Drupal Websites

When we create search engine-friendly websites using Drupal 6, we install a variety of Drupal Modules to optimize the site and to create a platform for internet marketing.

Page Titles
You can use this module to specify a <title> tag that is different from the H1 title of the page. Title tags are an essential element for on-page SEO.

Taxonomy (core)
Taxonomy essentially creates tags that can be used to categorize pages and posts. It also can create a new page for taxonomy terms, if you use terms that you want to rank for, having a page devoted to that term can boost your rankings.

Meta tags
Appropriate and unique meta descriptions are key in improving your rankings on the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo! You can also input meta keywords here which are still used in search results by some search engines like

Add This
One simple button on your pages and posts allows users to tag your site on a variety of social networks. More bookmarks equals more internal links and better rankings.

Captcha prevents spam in comments and form submission. A lot of spammy activity can get you blacklisted by search engines.

Global Redirect
One-stop-shop for 301 redirects and other redirects you might need.

XML Sitemaps
This creates a valid sitemap for the website, and when submitted to search engines, can get your site indexed faster and crawled more often.

A regularly updated blog is included in any good SEO campaign. Continuous updates to your blog keep spiders crawling your site and can engage users to keep your traffic levels high.

Path (core), Clean URLs and Path Auto
This killer combination allows for keyword rich URLs for pages and posts. An optimized URL is a crucial first step in SEO.

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