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Drupal Development Continues Surge in Government Use

As new technologies gain acceptance, they become mainstream. Drupal’s been exhibiting this trend for some time as more corporate entities chose to launch or re-launch web sites using Drupal as their CMS. A CMS (content management system) enables users to store, create and use content on the web more efficiently and easily than HTML coding, and Drupal is the leading open source CMS.

While Drupal web design has successfully garnered considerable market share in the private sector, the public sector has been adopting Drupal as well. Given the worldwide economic slowdown, public entities and government agencies continue to search for ways to reduce expenditures. As tax revenues lag at all levels, managers need to cut costs while maintaining services, including a web presence. This is where Drupal shines.

Various public sector players from Australia to the United States have recently adopted Drupal as the CMS for web site design and maintenance. In a few high profile examples, the Obama administration in Washington D. C. announced its decision to re-launch  with Drupal almost a year ago. Similarly, the Australian Law Reform Commission launched a new web site using Drupal earlier this year. The King of Belgium has leveraged Drupal for the Belgian Monarchy website as well.

In both cases, users cited Drupal’s flexibility, security, and combination of content handling features and social media tools as pivotal in the decisions to adopt. These two entities are far from alone. The list of both US and International government offices using Drupal numbers in the dozens and continues to rise, along with hundreds if not thousands of non-profit organizations. All of this interest serves to validate open source technology against proprietary software tools. Use of Drupal allows users to avoid locking into a proprietary standard while simultaneously promoting openness and transparency.

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