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Drupal is the Non Profit Organization’s Web Design & Development Solution

Why Drupal is a Logical Web Design & Development Solution for Your Non Profit Organization

A non-profit organization's web site needs to do many things: attract attention to the organization and its mission; inform visitors of new developments; and apprise constituents of progress toward shared goals. But the site must avoid siphoning off critical resources from the pursuit of the core mission. Drupal web development can help achieve that very important and vital goal.

Drupal, an open-source Content Management System (CMS), is used for web development by our development team at Green Bird Media. The Drupal core release includes all the major functions of a traditional CMS, but the user community extends the core, adding new features and functions periodically. These new features (contrib. modules) become available to all current users. The first major reason why Drupal for non-profits is such a good fit: because it is an open source CMS, Drupal can be used for free.

But Drupal web development implies more benefits, especially for non-profits. The core and contrib. modules maximize adaptability to multiple uses and include plug-ins that open up a vast array of other applications. The Drupal user community performs software support and upgrades for free, and the core enables many people to add information and content to your site. This can really enhance the relevance and immediacy of your site, and by extension, your online presence.

Beyond the ease of site maintenance, Drupal for non-profits has even more to offer. Drupal is designed to operate in multiple languages simultaneously; this dramatically enhances your site's ability to address all your constituents, users, donor communities and other interested visitors. Further, Drupal web development can handle text, images, videos and other content in blocks, enabling a customized appearance or functionality.

Obviously, you have many choices for your web site. Drupal web design can be a very wise choice, since it frees up resources for the core mission. Contact Green Bird Media. today in San Diego at 619-393-6680 to get your project started!!!

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