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3 Unique Drupal Web Design Features

Drop-in website solutions like the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) make the Internet a piece of cake for small businesses and non-profits alike, since users can select the components of a website they want and tailor a web experience to best fit their clients’ needs with ease. These days, other competing technologies like WordPress or Joomla offer similar capabilities, but Drupal website design software has three core features that make it stand out among the crowd.

The community behind Drupal is a tightly knit group of individuals and the forums are the most lively and helpful you’ll find just about anywhere. Drupal has a Module system, which allows users to add on extra features from the Drupal web design team or independent developers. Some are as simple as hit counters, and some are as complex as elaborate e-Commerce systems. The modules are the components that make each site unique, and that can provide the extra needed boost to make the web more lively and attractive, but most importantly…useful.


Another of Drupal’s many features is its content syndication system. Drupal has the ability to take any content and immediately convert it into PDF or RSS form, making it an instant shoe-in for integration with social networks, corporate enterprises, or non-profit organizations. Competing technologies must have this behavior installed as an add-on, but in the Drupal CMS, it’s a stock feature.

Yet the most powerful feature within Drupal website design solutions, is its scalability. Don’t be fooled by the look of the stock installation; Drupal is VERY powerful. Whether you’re blogging about the events of the day or running the website of a major Fortune 500 corporation, Drupal web design can be reshaped to fit any situation.

Did we mention that Drupal website design is also an open source technology and costs nothing? That’s a pretty important factor, too.

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