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Drupal Web Design, Viral Marketing Solutions for Non-Profits


How Drupal for Non Profits an Help to Create an Effective Viral Campaign.

Effective management of non-profits requires efficient use of resources. Where a private company buys services to achieve strategic or operational goals, non-profits can employ open source solutions to prevent draining critical dollars away from the core mission(s). Viral marketing plays a key role in executing against your communications strategy; a careful manager harnesses the power of the web and social networks.

A viral marketing campaign catapults your messages to prominence among your target audiences without substantial monetary investment. As a process, a viral campaign starts with your content in whatever form fits with your strategic marketing priorities. Then you seed your content to generate sufficient buzz for it. Once your content achieves critical mass on the web, then users link to it, share it and refer others to it on their own and your content “goes viral.”


Drupal For Non Profits, Open Source CMS.

Drupal for non-profits can help you achieve your viral marketing campaign goals. Drupal is an open source CMS designed for the creation and maintenance of web site content. Drupal web design, because of its low cost and ease of use, allows non-profits to sustain new, high quality content without breaking the bank. Staff members can easily replace old content and maintain the freshness of your sites. Similarly Drupal web design can support a viral marketing campaign by easing the creation of new content.

More importantly, you can perfect your approach with consistent messaging. Whether you decide on humorous, provocative or useful content, you need consistency. Your audience will come to count on you for that content and return often to find it. Drupal for non-profits allows you to refine your viral marketing campaign without sacrificing existing investments or high sunk costs. Drupal web design puts viral marketing campaigns within the grasp of any non-profit organization.

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