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Episcopal Church Web Design: St. Bartholomew Gets Online Renovation

 St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church came to us seeking a warm, friendly church web design with a simple back-end that they could easily update themselves. We came up with a bright and cheery solution on the content management system, Drupal 6. St. Bart’s likes to keep their website up-to-date with events, current church projects and church news. Drupal 6 makes it possible for an administrator at the church to take care of all of the church website updates, unlike their previous site where they had to contact their developer for any changes.

St. Bart’s has a lot going on as an Episcopal Church, it took time to perfect the organization of the navigation so the website could encompass all aspects of the church’s activities. There are multiple calendars to organize, a preschool, thrift shop, ministries, staff, clergy, music, art and events. Their church website, like other church websites, includes a sermon player. St. Bart’s features their most recent sermon on the home page; potential members can come to the site to get a sampling of Sunday Service, while current members can listen to sermons they may have missed.

For their new church web design we added our magic mixture of Drupal modules, some of the modules we regularly include are:

  • FCKEditor – a WSIWYG editor that can be simplified depending of skill level of the user
  • Webform – an easy way to create the contact form and forward to the church
  • ICME – allows photo uploads and integrates with FCKEditor

That’s just a small sample of modules we work with, we can’t give away all our secrets!

Check out the image below, or visit their new church website design.

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