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Green Bird Media goes to GLADcamp 2014

We sent our Drupal & Front-end Developer, Chuck Dowe, over at  the Hilton Pasadena located northeast of Los Angeles last weekend for GLADcamp 2014. It was great to see the big turnout this year: 250+ people. The Hilton provided great Wifi, Note Pads, Pens, Water and more for attendees. This year the camp was focused on "Drupal for Good" with Non-Profits as the key focus. On Friday Chuck attended the Non-Profit Summit and helped guide the conversation with questions of the panelists.

Chuck was able to attend tracks of talks aimed at Drupal 8, how Drupal is Used best in Non-Profits and Higher Educations, as well as Talks on Advanced JavaScript Optimization. Some presenters had their slides online,making following along easy. Chuck was very jazzed about using Drupal for our next Non-Profit project, knowing the power it brings to the organization.;

Our thanks to the community and sponsors for a great camp and an excellent web platform!

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