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Green Bird Team goes to DrupalCampLA

We took the team up to Irvine last weekend for DrupalCampLA 2009. It was great to see the big turnout this year: about 400 people. Part of the reason we love Drupal so much is the documentation provided by the community, and with more people using Drupal, the community support is just going to get better. Acquia provided great statistics that Drupal is now outperforming Joomla significantly with 400,000 Drupal websites to Joomla's 75,000. More exciting is that companies are now using Drupal for their enterprise solutions.

Between the four of us we were able to attend quite a few informative sessions where we learned: more about  the Views 2 module which allows for advanced page layout, how the DrupalCamp LA website was built with a minimum of modules, forum development, migrating static sites to Drupal sites, SEO with Drupal websites, and theming with Zen. It was a weekend of web development madness.

In attendance were many web designers and web developers  new to Drupal and a handful of Drupal experts giving the informative sessions. It was good to be an advanced user. Drupal's infinite flexibility, modularity and scalability create an unbelievable learning curve that we are happy to have scaled to a proficient degree.

We already have big plans to use a new module implemented in the DrupalCamp LA website called Flags. We'll be sure to post when this is up and running as we are very excited about its capabilities.

Our thanks to the community and sponsors for a great camp and an excellent web platform!

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