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How Drupal Can Help Your Non-Profit Generate Revenue

Diversifying revenue streams for any organization can ensure survival in a down economy. As a recession deepens and spending tails off, all players in the marketplace suffer. For a non-profit, these macro economic conditions can endanger management’s ability to support core functions and ultimately, perhaps even jeopardize the basic mission. A careful non-profit manager then needs to take steps to insulate the organization from such drastic results.


Drupal for Non Profits

Securing revenue from multiple sources offers protection from the devastating effects of significant economic slowdowns. As corporate and individual donors curtail or even cease charitable giving, non-profits end up struggling to find new donors to replace them. The broader the revenue streams to begin with, the less any one may be missed; whereas, if you rely on a limited number of very large donors, the loss of even just one can cripple the organization financially. Drupal for non-profits can help.


Drupal Open Source Web Design

Drupal, an open source CMS used often in web site design and maintenance, affords non-profits tremendous advantages over other forms of web site construction. Drupal web design is both cheaper and easier to use and therefore dramatically lowers operating expenses involved with maintaining and enhancing the online presence of the organization.

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