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How effective is your website design?

A website represents any business organisation or service on an online portal. The look and feel which we technically call UI and UX i.e. User Interface & User Experience decides how successfully a business or service represents itself online. The front end user gets to see all the services that the organisation offers on a website, the only difference with a web site you do not have a human interaction with the user. In this case, it becomes more important how to keep the customer engaged. When a user lands on to a website, its layout, colours, graphics & content everything describes the ambience of how your work place is. Adding to all this, your CTA should be there just at the right time asking the user to take a desired action.

Once done with the right content, you need to focus on the most decisive part i.e. design on the site. There are particularly two types of design patterns – custom website design and website templates to come up with the best website design. Many business people don’t really understand the difference between a custom web design & a one using template. We will have a look to what are the pros and cons for both.

Custom web design

 A custom website is basically for a targeted audience, unique in itself and based upon how the company wants to reflect itself to the taste, interests and experiences of the targeted audience. The benefit of having a custom website is that it is created only for your business & is different from any other. To create a custom site, one should hire a well versed designer who could come up with a design that could make your website stand into millions on the net and people should appreciate it for its originality. The background coding & other development should be done in such a way that it is SEO friendly to the search engines. Plan your website with the list of features you want to have in it, prioritize it & implement. This way, the site will be more adaptable to your company’s needs and keeping more enhancements in future if needed. If you are planning to maintain the website by yourself, get a content management system incorporated by your designer.

Website Templates

There are number of pre-built basically known as templates available in the market which contains a specific needs of a website. They are considered much budget friendly than custom web design though it’s not necessary as it depends upon the needs of the customer for designing. Being budget friendly, it is also time friendly, takes lesser time in development. The problem that one could face in using templates is that there could be a number of other people using the same template which decreases the standardization & concept of a website. After paying an exclusionary price also, we see other people with same design as they have also purchased the exclusive template. Also, there could be issues with template being non SEO friendly, cross browser functionality and other customization of the template.

Green Bird Media, a premier San Diego web design company excels in building custom web designs as per the requirements of the client & also in coming up with extra ordinary website using templates. Green Bird has the best San Diego web designers who have worked on creating unique & creative web design in San Diego and other areas. We specialize in
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