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How to install Drupal on Oracle?

This article is for experienced Drupal installer and not for someone new to Drupal and/or Oracle. It is assumed that you know how to install Drupal in the standard format on Mysql. Installing Drupal on Mysql is straight forward. The M of LAMP stack (or WAMP) is Mysql which is default database engine that Drupal supports.

My goal is to get to the point where Drupal install lists out the option of selecting Oracle as the database in addition to the standard Mysql database option. When you download Drupal version and get to installing, after the first 3 steps:

  1. Choosing profile and
  2. Choose Language and
  3. Verifying the requirements and 
  4. 4th step “set up database” as a standard defaults to mysql and mariaDB as databases (see screenshot).

The 2 main things that makes Drupal work on Oracle are:

  1. PDO for OCI
  2. Oracle Driver

After the above 2 are installed and configured, you will see the Oracle Option in addition to Mysql and MariaDB option on the set up database screen (the 4th step mentioned above) as is seen on the image below. My next article will focus on PDO for OCI, so stay tuned. If you need help meanwhile, please feel free to email me at or call us at 619 393 6680.

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