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How to Use Drupal for Common Nonprofit Functions

Non-profit organizations share several core functions: fundraising, volunteer recruitment and management, and operations and communication, among others. Failure in any of these areas will seriously jeopardize the non-profit’s viability. Leaders in these organizations must devote significant resources to achieving these goals as efficiently as possible or they may put the central mission at risk.

Drupal web design can help.

Non-profit management consists, in part, of balancing the needs of the organization for funds to fuel growth, and the need for funds to support the mission. Shorting either can result in major organizational dysfunction and ultimately dissolution. So, finding ways to accomplish core functions inexpensively is instrumental to success. A non-profit web site is still the most efficient communications tool available, and it can address the core functions mentioned above, and more. Drupal for non-profits represents a primary tool for enabling efficient management of the web site and, therefore, of core functions.

TheDrupal open source CMS is used primarily as a web design and management environment, and it offers non-profits a number of distinct advantages. First, because it’s open source, it requires no licensing fees which means minimal acquisition cost. Further, because the Drupal community regularly releases new modules, the Drupal toolset undergoes periodic enhancement. This allows it to keep pace with spiraling technical demands. Finally, Drupal web design requires little technical training or expertise, so the organization’s existing staff can maintain, alter, and refine the web site on a regular basis. The web site thus easily stays ahead of the organization‚Äôs escalating needs for new messaging and content.

Drupal for non-profits provides a cost-efficient toolset for managing and updating the organization’s primary tool for accomplishing core functions. Smart managers exploit Drupal web design to the organization’s benefit.

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