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The insights of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the fastest growing medium that marketers are using to promote products and services online. The largest SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Baidu. Search Campaign management can be achieved directly with the SEM vendor, third party tools or with the services of a digital marketing firm/ advertising agency.


Google`s Search Engine tool AdWords is a web-based tool & is the most used SEM tool by businesses across the world. It adopts a keyword based search approach where web users looking for specific information on the internet find a product or service based on the input keywords used. It used the most practical and realistic approach as it uses a cost per click pricing model where the cost is incurred only when an advertisement has been clicked on. The Pay Per Click or PPC as it is called ranks & displays advertisements based on the input string, prudent use of advertising budget and a skilled digital marketer to suggest, track the keywords and optimize the spend. The tracking of conversion is done by using Google Analytics which helps business analyze their search marketing spend and take the requisite actions for improvement. Another way businesses promote themselves on the search marketing network is by contextual advertising, where marketers place their ads on other website which have relevant & contextually matching information to their services & products and can drive traffic & sales to their websites. The use of Google Analytics and Contextual advertising require seasoned marketing skills to select the best network and drive sales for any business. The SEM methodology uses the below four basic tenets or approach for the conversion cycle.


This is the first step in Search Engine Marketing approach. It involves using the right keywords to purchase for displaying ads. There are various tools like the Google Keyword tool which can suggest the best keywords to be selected or a business can hire an agency to suggest the best keywords.


This step involves the creation of an advertisement (PPC ad) to make a message stand out. A review of the ads shown should be done to clearly demonstrate a business marketing proposition. In a market where a lot of businesses are competing for the same advertisement space, selecting the space prudently & making the message loud and clear & key ingredients for driving success.


This involves creation of an appealing landing page, the page where a user lands after clicking on an advertisement displayed on the SERP (search engine result pages). The landing page must have a strong call to action i.e. once a business has achieved to bring the customer to their page, the page should generate interest for the customer to take action.


Measuring is the most important part of the SEM conversion cycle & the driver which is decisive for the PPC campaign success. This step involves analyzing the various keywords being used, their effectiveness in terms of ROI & driving sales. This lets businesses add and remove keywords which are driving/not driving traffic or have good or poor ROI in terms of display cost to customer traffic or display cost to revenue generated.

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