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Integrate Social Media, Email Marketing & PPC

One way to drive traffic to your website is to engage in social media
campaigns. The challenge is that this arena is new and relatively
untested. There are few best practices and many great stories about a
handful of people making a lot of money. But like all marketing
endeavors, social media should be engaged:

  • With a clear goal in mind
  • With a measurable outcome
  • With specific campaigns

We integrate your website with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, setup
your accounts, customize your pages and start the first round of
invitations. However, social media content is generated by you/your
company. The point of these campaigns is to share useful information and
to become a known resource.

Email marketing is over-used by large companies and completely
under-utilized by small businesses. By sending relevant information to
your clients, you can generate new sales, new referrals and brand

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