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A look up on the Best SEO tools online 2015

The occupancy of Digital Marketing into today’s world is undoubtedly revolutionary. New tools come & go in every blink of an eye. It is always believed by the experts that by revealing the right data a good tool can open doors of success for the clients as well as for itself. There are a million number of tools present today. Let’s check out which among those are the best and why.

1.       SEM rush – Stands at the top and is the most powerful the way it determines whether a website is healthy or not. Whenever work on outreach & link building campaigns are done, we check on SEM rush to see how the keywords are doing on google. When there is a high volume of inbound traffic       but no keyword rankings showing on SEM rush then they are likely to have been penalized. After checking on SEM rush, we check it manually on organic traffic & if there is a drop down on rankings there as well we know to avoid reaching such a website. SEM rush is also used for keyword research, for a particular keyword we can find out the top ranking site and with these permutation & combination, we can end up having a pretty comprehensive keyword list.

2.       BuzzSumo – Though people think of it more as a social media tool, but this makes it more powerful as it is a combination for social media as well as for SEO. Buzz Sumo is used to search ideas for content marketing. With putting in our priority keywords it come up with some good title for that content. On clicking to “Backlinks” tab, we can see the social shares & the most popular inbound links that are working for us. Thus, looking the past SEO metrics, we can find popular pages that can generate a lot of social presence.

3.       AuthorityLabs – It is a wise tool that can track historical rankings of how a keyword is ranking with time and one of useful source for SMB’s to monitor search engine ranking. We can see multiple sites at once to compare & see competitor activity on it if we research their marketing strategy.

4.       SpyFu – It is a great platform to spy on to competitor activities. Whenever we start working on some new website, to check what the other competitors are doing in organic & search engine marketing strategies, SpyFu is an awesome tool to get the insights of their strategy and so we can come up with enhanced strategies for the new website that we are working on.

5.       Ahrefs – Ahrefs is another power packed tool when it comes to backlink research & link data for audit results, it makes work really easier. To check for number of referring domains, unique visitors, & how natural is link building growth with time, it is very user friendly to search for all of it through this tool. To map out link building strategy for clients, we use authorative links data & identify the top ranking sites and inner details.

6.       Majestic – The trust flow and citation flow metrics property in Majestic is the most adorable one. When working on link building campaigns, we identify top sites ranking in that particular industry and gather the trust & citation flow in order to focus on a similar profile. Majestic is also used for getting similar data as Ahrefs, to download the number of backlinks while making backlink audits, check for referring domains & their backlinks, trust flow, citations & tropical trust flow & to identify the new links.

7.       DeepCrawl – For Panda and On page audit run-through, DeepCrawl comes into picture. DeepCrawl can diagnose all kind of On page issues on a website, whether it be duplicate pages, meta titles & descriptions, and other such issues. There are a lot of valuable small as well as big outcomes that it crawls & finds out. Earlier a lot of tools combinations were able to this task which DeepCrawl does it at once only. With help of this tool, most of the on page issues are get hold of before they could actually become an issue.

As there is a vast variety of SEO tools present in the market today, it depends on your SEO team to strategize the SEO strategy & decide which tools can benefit you which depends specifically upon the needs of a business.

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