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Make Your Content Accessible to Search Engine Bots

When we talk about content creation and promotion in content marketing the main objective is to  focus on making a user friendly content such as, a user can able to understand easily and feel valuable. We all know that good content accessible means best search engine optimization results. Let’s go on.

Improve and Increase Your Content Accessibility for SEO Rankings

As you can see there are frequent updating in Google algorithms in the past few years, search engines are very clever and becoming smarter, very intelligent. And you all already know the previous upations like Google Panda, Hummingbird, and Google Penguin. The intention of all the changes and updating is to provide the right information for the users. Finally, here you come to know how important is content and making it accessible to search engine bots for increasing SEO rankings.

This is why now a day’s most of the business owners, bloggers and digital marketers are focusing on content accessibility for better search engine rankings.

How to Make Content Accessibility?

So, let’s start with the basics,

What is Content Accessibility?

Many of the content writers, business owners and whomsoever writes content for their websites and blogs, they focus mainly on making high rich content and great look it's one kind of element.

But the main and the common thing to implement and focus.

“Does your article provide useful information for readers?”

“Does your article is worth full valuable and easy to understand”

The important factor in search engine rankings, A website should have genuine content with valuable information including an easy way to understand. Unfortunately, many digital marketers and bloggers overlooked to pay enough concentration on it.

Definition of Content Accessibility:

Making your content not only high rich and greater look, But also useful for the reader, understand easily and make him feel bookmark the website or return back to read more and more on your website. In simple grabbing and attracting the user to your website by providing free valuable information he looks for.

If you have done with the following structure and you are gone be top in search engines and this is the important factor to implement to consider at present and future for better search engine rankings.

Way of Approach and The Consequences:

Writing the Content for the user should be informative and valuable.

We all know why users visit Google, in search of information or solution to his query. If you can’t provide user with the valuable information he/she may bounce from your website and search engine will make notice of all the actions. If your website goes on constantly face same situation Google will downgrade your website in search engine rankings.

If you are able to provide good valuable information to the users, search engines will also track and make a note of it which directly upgrades your website in search engine rankings and this is just a one kind of variety in making your content accessible to search engine bots and they're much more to follow.

Create Head Titles, Subtitles and Meta Description:

Making your content accessible to search engines, use head title and proper sub-title and define the article in a proper way as mentioned in the above para.  You can find h1; tags in the code of your website make a use of all the tags such as H1 to H6. Search engine bots find these tags to know about the website or a particular page.  And it is one kind of parameter Google use to deliver information on their search engine.

How H1 and H6 tags do looks in HTML:

<h1>tips on content accessibility </h1>

<h2>make your content accessible </h2>

<h3>tips on how to make content accessible</h3> etc.

If you are using a CMS (Content Management System), there you find drop down menu something like this.

For now we have provided with a few tips and there is much more to follow. Keep visiting our website and blog for more information. We would post much more list of tips on content accessibility to search engine bots. We are Web Design SanDiego if you have a website and looking for help don’t hesitate to contact us. You can request a free quote Click here: Web Design Quote or call San Diego (619) 393-6680

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