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Most Web Advertising Companies Know About Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the easiest and most professional way to send a newsletter. At Green Bird Media, we don’t think of ourselves as “web programmers.” Sure, we develop and program websites. We love it, and it is a core component of our business.

But Green Bird Media is more than that. Green Bird Media is about helping people share all that is special about businesses and non-profit organizations with the world. There are many avenues to marketing to the world online, and one of those is sending an email newsletter.

From a customer’s point of view, the process is simple: give your email address to a business or non-profit you love, receive a welcome message, and receive email updates about your interests.

Making that happen, however, takes some magic. It’s why we’re here to help, and it’s why we love using Constant Contact.

Why do email newsletters require magic? First of all, not everyone who sends marketing emails online are as responsible as you or I. We’re all familiar with spam emails–and we all prefer a world without them. Companies who provide access to the Internet, known as “ISPs”, know we hate spam, and do all they can to help us fight it. One of the ways they do this is by limiting the number of emails we’re allowed to send in a certain time period. They also do some other technical stuff to catch spammers.

Unfortunately, those of us who send legitimate emails get caught in the fray. This is the best reason to use Constant Contact: they are experts at all the technical details behind sending mass emails responsibly. They also eliminate the risk that we get flagged as spammers–which can lead to being banned from sending email. Major bummer!

Just like an attractive website, good looking email based marketing messages demonstrate professionalism and create appeal. When you work with Green Bird Media, we’ll design a gorgeous email template to use with Constant Contact. That means you can write, arrange, add pictures, and send email newsletters on your own, when convenient. We can even customize the design of the signup forms.

Look great, take control, and be safe–that’s a winning combination. And its why we use Constant Contact.

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