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Client:  Natural Baby Pros
Location:  San Diego, CA 

Scope of Work: 
Directory Website Design & Development
Logo Design
Business Cards

Natural Baby Pros is proud to announce the launch of a brand new web site! This site is being launched to host a first-in-class directory service, designed to connect women in all stages of planning, pregnancy, and child care with the information, resources and professional attention they need to make educated decisions about their care and support. For medical professionals specializing in naturally assisted fertility, pregnancy, birth and post-partum care, our new website will serve as a valuable means of gaining exposure, initiating collaborations, and bringing natural care to those who need it most.

So why us? Why pregnancy? It’s simple – it’s a part of each one of our lives. Of the developed nations, the United States in particular experiences a dangerously high rate of C-section births and post-partum depression. With the rising cost and frequency of malpractice lawsuits, many U.S. practitioners opt for the more dangerous C-section to avoid being sued for complications resulting from natural birth. In addition, non-natural fertility methods, drug-induced birth, and a lack of post-partum support for mother and child alike contribute to our alarming statistics.

We’re here to change that.

We’re here to bring you information and promote exploration of alternatives to the current view of fertility and birth as medical procedures. We hope you’re amazed at the range of safe, non-drug options available to you – many that you never knew existed.

Basically, we’re here for you, moms! On that note, you’ll find that our site is user-friendly, patient-oriented, and responsive to the changing needs of expecting mothers in our society. One of the most useful features is the frequent update of free articles designed to bring you the information you need to make the difficult choices you encounter before, during and after your pregnancy. Each article addresses topics we (as mothers ourselves!) believe will make a difference in your life, including alternative pathways to natural fertility, pregnancy, and a drug- and pain-free childbirth.

In addition, we understand that practitioners of natural and alternative methods at times experience difficulty gaining exposure to those in need of care. We understand that without a strong client base and solid financials, you simply can’t provide. As such, we’re excited to offer a number of special rates to companies and practitioners that take advantage of the opportunity to advertise or initiate a membership by the end of next month. See below for details.

Upgraded Listing ($99/yr – discounted 45%!)

Bedside manner is important, and patients respond accordingly. Gain access to clients in a personal, dynamic way!

  • Priority directory placement
  • Opportunity to be a Practitioner/Business in the Spotlight, with a full-page article, photos and placement on our homepage.
  • List general contact information.
  • Upload two photos of your choice.
  • Include a video or audio stream of your choice.
  • Link to Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Advertising (a limited-time offer of only $25/month for a banner display)

Exposure and targeted marketing – it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Gain exposure through a footer or sidebar ad.
  • Directly target your market segment.

We hope that the launch of helps you get some dreams of your own off the ground. Welcome aboard – we look forward to your visit!  

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