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How Drupal Reduces Development Costs

An effective web site occupies a key place in any organization’s marketing strategy and web presence. Managers can't ignore the power of the Internet when it comes to communicating with constituents and attracting new prospects or donors. Having budgeted for the initial design, hosting, and launch of the web site, that same careful manager needs … Read more

Custom Drupal Development Community Meets in Copenhagen

Last month the Drupal development community converged on Copenhagen for three days of learning and sharing. The organizers provided users with various venues to present and comment on each other’s work: keynote sessions; presentations; panel discussions; birds of a feather groups; the core developer summit where users could share ideas directly with Drupal’s main contributors; … Read more

Drupal Development Company, GBM’s new Drupal web design: Bank Card SD

Our most recent successful Drupal web design, Bank Card SD launches as a unique looking, flexible, Drupal driven web destination. The four brightly colored boxes at the top distinguish each market segment of credit card processing machines. This allows Bank Card SD to target each individually, crafting a message unique to different groups. Bank Card … Read more

DrupalCon Copenhagen Gears Up for 2010 Conference and the developers who maintain the Drupal core take their open source roots very seriously, working hard to engage the user community in all aspects of development. While they communicate in many ways, nothing surpasses face to face communication and so they offer periodic conferences where global users can congregate and learn from each … Read more

San Diego Web Design Launch: RF Exposure Lab

RF Exposure lab is a statewide leader in SAR testing and related services. What is SAR testing, and why is it so important? According to the experts at RF Exposure, it is “the unit of measurement for the amount of radio frequency (RF) absorbed by the body when using a wireless device.” Sounds important now, … Read more

Drupal 7 Web Design

Drupal, an open source Content Management System, boasts an extremely active user community, which gathers periodically at conferences all over the world. Los Angeles recently hosted DrupalCamp and the global conference in Copenhagen opens in late August. More importantly, users contribute modules to add features and capabilities to the Drupal core. Because these modules are … Read more

Drupal Camp LA Attendees Included Green Bird Media Execs

Every Monday we get asked about our weekend by our colleagues and typically struggle to respond with more than a shrug and, “Oh, fine.” Well, after the weekend of August 7 and 8, our own Rick Wagner and Chris Bauer offered a great response: they went to DrupalCampLA2010. DrupalCampLA, for those who don’t know, is … Read more

Thunder SEO Drupal design by Green Bird Media

During their recent visual refresh, our friends at Thunder SEO moved their content management system from WordPress to Drupal. They leverage Drupal to display more types of content to site visitors and provide versatility and power for their online storefront. Besides just blog posts, Thunder’s Drupal web site includes Thunder Booms, a special section separating the … Read more

Drupal Web Design, Open Source Software

A Brief History Of The Drupal Open Source Community   Drupal web design, an open source CMS commonly used in web site design and maintenance, boasts a number of unique characteristics: ease of use even by non-technical users, a broad and growing feature set, and easy revisions to design and create content. But perhaps the … Read more

How Drupal Can Help Your Non-Profit Generate Revenue

Diversifying revenue streams for any organization can ensure survival in a down economy. As a recession deepens and spending tails off, all players in the marketplace suffer. For a non-profit, these macro economic conditions can endanger management’s ability to support core functions and ultimately, perhaps even jeopardize the basic mission. A careful non-profit manager then … Read more