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How Your Business Can Conquer the Internet

Conquer the Internet

This is the first in a multi-part series to help business owners create and manage a successful website and website team for their business. As Google™ has now indexed over 1 trillion-page web pages, the question for the business owner is: 1. Do I need a website? 2. What should it do? 3. Who can … Read more

Successfully Marketing a Small Business in a Down Economy

Frozen in Time Several times a year I do a SCORE workshop on website design, branding and internet marketing which makes for a busy and information-filled six hours. In previous years, the workshops had 30-40 registrants and sometimes standing-room-only. Last week, the seminar drew 9 people. Setting aside Christmas holiday madness, that is still a … Read more

Business Website: New Web Design Launch for Home and Office Makeovers

Green Bird Media has launched another business website this week: for our client Kathleen Lilleeng. This small but efficient website features a clean design for Kathleen Lilleeng, a local interior designer. includes a web gallery of Kathleen’s work, and many photographs displaying her style throughout the site. Kathleen specializes in recreating space using … Read more

Branding for a Non-Profit

We work with many non profit organizations when they are ready for a new website. Usually their lack of technology is frustrating their membership and overwhelming the volunteer board members who feel they are communicating with stone tablets and smoke signals. As we begin work and start to flesh out the scope of the project, … Read more

Why a Church or Non-Profit Should Blog

The older you are, the less familiar a blog is. It’s part too-much technology and part humility (what on earth do I have to say and why would anyone read it?) and there seems to be no direct purpose to blogging. While it’s true that blogs can be self-referential and self-aggrandizing, the underlying reason for … Read more


What is CSS? CSS is a great addition to the web designer's toolbag. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a system of rules that directly effect the display properties of your web pages such as colors, fonts, and layouts on your web browser. CSS style blocks are also commonly referred to as rules. … Read more

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