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Refreshing your website?

Many of our clients here at Green Bird Media – a Web Design San Diego company, have come to us with the issue of not being able to see the updates they have made to their own website. We have found that there could be several reasons for this and several easy ways to fix the issue. Sometimes it’s as simple as pressing the refresh or reload button on the internet browser you are using to dumping your internet browsers cache. Don’t know what that is? You can learn more about refreshing your browsers cache by going to this website The site is great because it features many of the popular browsers like: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Just a hint, make sure your browsers are up to date. Not just for security reasons, also the web is ever changing and some of the most important websites used are based on these ever changing technologies.

Tutorial: Refreshing Your Website

Sometimes it can go a little deeper then just needing to Refresh. Your computer is like a car and sometimes needs a good flush, we at Green Bird Media recommend to our clients using a program called CCleaner to really flush out all the extra things that pile up after using a computer for weeks to months on end. Cleaning out your computer will make it run smoother. Once you have ran the program you should be able to reopen your browser and notice when going to the URL your checking loads with the changes you have made easily and smoothly. 

Check out the program here (they do offer a free version): 

Some quick Refresh/Reload facts for you:

  • Firefox: Hold down Shift button and click the reload icon. Or Shift-Ctrl-R.
  • Chrome: Hold down Ctrl button and clicking on reload icon. Or Shift-Ctrl-R.
  • Internet Explorer: Hold down Ctrl button and clicking on reload icon. Or Ctrl-F5.
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