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San Diego Web Design Launch: RF Exposure Lab

RF Exposure lab is a statewide leader in SAR testing and related services. What is SAR testing, and why is it so important? According to the experts at RF Exposure, it is “the unit of measurement for the amount of radio frequency (RF) absorbed by the body when using a wireless device.” Sounds important now, doesn’t it? We’re the first in line to thank Tamara and Jay, who is a consultant for the FCC’s standards body, for what they do.

RF Exposure Lab’s new Drupal web design conveys a professional, attractive, and technologically proficient image. A slick slideshow rotates photos that bring the vibrant colors and technical details of the lab to life. The “press and news” and “white papers” areas allow Jay and Tamara to keep web visitors up to date, plus provide relevant, engaging content that keeps visitors coming back.

Visit RF Exposure lab for a wonderful example of how Green Bird Media’s Drupal design provides the best avenue to connect with your customers and pass on your message.

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