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San Diego Web Design – We’re Expecting!

In a sense, you might say that we’re always expecting at Green Bird Media. We keep pretty busy here, delivering user-friendly, transformative web design to companies from San Diego to Kalamazoo. And we do like to talk about our new arrivals in and around San Diego – how they’re improving communities, stimulating growth in tough times, and just plain raising the bar.

That counts for something, right?

In any event, our matronly merits aside, we’re proud to announce the design and launch of a brand new website and directory service for a company dedicated to connecting real mothers and mothers-to-be with natural fertility, pregnancy, birthing, and post-partum care specialists: Natural Baby Pros, an innovative San Diego-based company, requested a web design that supported their two-pronged mission – providing expecting mothers with valuable pregnancy-related resources and practitioners of natural methods with the means to bring care to those who need it most.

After some careful analysis, we determined that the best approach for Natural Baby Pros’ web design would be a blended informational / directory approach. We set aside a central, accessible space in the design for professionally written informational articles, directly addressing the ‘resources for expecting mothers’ requirement. In parallel, we built an extensive, easy to navigate database to be filled with practitioners’ information, addressing the ‘means to bring care’ requirement.

However, a really competitive web design, especially in a tech-heavy city like San Diego, needs a twist. It’s not enough to be innovative or flashy – you need to communicate effectively on an emotional level with your visitors. To do so, we made new media a focal point of the database – practitioners can link directly to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, post photos, and even include video showing off their bedside manner.

Jen Aliano, CEO of Natural Baby Pros, calls it “a great opportunity to communicate on a personal level…amazingly easy…way above and beyond what we asked for!”

We just call it doing our job.

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