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Seven Signs to look for in a Web 2.0 site

Ever go to a site that looks beautiful, but somehow still reminds you of the websites you saw in 1997. We have made 2 lists to determine whether a site is Web 1.0 or 2.0. Look through your site to see if you are ready to upgrade to Web 2.0!

Seven tell-tale signs of a web 1.0 site

Web 1.0 sites are still out there these stumbling tools usually:

  1. Say “Welcome!” on the home page. 
  2. Explain company history, products and/or services in dense blocks of text. (basically an electronic brochure)
  3. Feature publisher-generated content only: one-way info-shoveling from business to consumer.
  4. Show no content management system for continual updates by publisher.
  5. Showcase old, out of date content.
  6. Depend on text and photos.
  7. Focus on the most basic of contact information for the company.

Seven tell-tale signs of a vibrant web 2.0 website

Take the vital signs of your website by checking whether it contains:

  1. Useful applications like interactive calendars, two-way forms
  2. User-generated content in the form of blog comments, polls and forums
  3. Multimedia: text, photos, video and audio
  4. Constant updates to website in the form of blog post or article resources
  5. Connection to Twitter or Facebook
  6. Multiple ways to reach business/customer service (so that each consumer is comfortable with their own favorite way of connecting)
  7. Great content, poorly written content is a thing of the past, look for engaging, informational and entertaining content throughout the site.

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