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Website Design trends 2015

December is here and the year is passing by. The team at Green Bird Media, one of the best Website design and development firms in San Diego, decided to look back at the Web Design San Diego and development trends that took over the show in 2014 and to have a sneak peek at what 2015 could bring in.


Grid style layouts

The news feeds on Social media platforms have been streamlined. For instance, Facebook timeline sprinkles the latest news feed updates to display as a grid. Similarly, other social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. also provide swiftness, ease and flexibility to the user.



Minimalist & Flat web design persistency-

Web design techniques have become much more content focussed with more whitespace and other fundamentals like layout, colour, logo etc being coherent. Minimalist web design plays a vital role in terms of user experience as well as for Digital Marketing and brand experience. With free availability of flat UI elements, flat design has gained a lot of momentum over the last year and it seems to pave the way for exciting developments in 2015 in the design space.


Responsive web design-

In the last few years, responsive design has set a new standard for website design and will continue to make its impact even more firmly in 2015. To make a site responsive across different platforms like desktops, smartphones and tablets is exciting and challenging. It has a lot in store for designers to work on ensuring accuracy, allurement regardless of screen size and different fonts.



Typography makes a direct impact on conversions, making it one of the most important factors while developing a website. The data relevancy, type, size, height, width and font are some of the major aspects that affect readability. It demands creativity and is becoming progressively complex day by day. The challenge is to maintain standards and come up with something new, best and appealing. With changing time, type kits have become economical for designers working with small budget to display their art of creativity.


Background images and videos-

Bigger is better, well literally! Large and appealing background images, text and videos are the present-day trend on web. In 2015, this promises to be one of the most visually captivating techniques and will require creative and innovative images with blur, refined colours with floating texts on it.


Parallax Effects and Micro interactions –

Something that we encounter almost everywhere on the internet, micro interactions boost the user engagement and get more e-mail signups and subscribers, etc.

Parallax scrolling animation is perhaps another most impressive upcoming trend. Adopting navigation instead of clicking is getting flashy. With fewer pages loading or refreshing repeatedly, we can expect more designers joining the spree to test their skills.


Web graphics-

As we see visual effects are taking more limelight, Webgraphics join infographics to render higher and more fascinating visual effects and retention with the user. Significant contribution and rise can be expected from Webgraphics in the web design space in 2015.


Trends in web designing keep updating. To keep up to the pace and competition, Web design firms  and designers have to be brisk in picking the avant- garde trends in designing and bring in their creativity and innovation to create truly world class websites for the new age customers. A designer and a website design and development company has to also keep in perspective the SEO friendly structure along with the above trends to give their customers growth, branding experience and conversions in their businesses. The designing trends listed here will surely find a larger market place with art and creativity kneading under it.

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