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Why a Church or Non-Profit Should Blog

The older you are, the less familiar a blog is. It’s part too-much technology and part humility (what on earth do I have to say and why would anyone read it?) and there seems to be no direct purpose to blogging. While it’s true that blogs can be self-referential and self-aggrandizing, the underlying reason for a church or non profit to blog regularly is to post content to your website that is useful and relevant to your audience or industry.

Humans and Robots: Appeasing Your Audience

Websites are built for two distinct entities: Humans and Robots. In regards to Humans, we mostly understand who they are and what they might find useful on our website. Robots on the other hand, may be a mystery and possibly even a surprise. If you are asking at this point “What Robots?” you’ll be interested or annoyed to find out that Google is the world’s most popular search engine because they visit, read, index and rate all searchable websites. Then through their very secret algorithm, they decide what to offer you when you type in a search term. Blogging improves your standing with the Robots that are directed by the very far-seeing Google God.

Everyone Loves a Good Blog

So returning to the concept of blogging for businesses and nonprofits:

  1. Robots like blogging as they approve highly of fresh content
  2. Humans like blogging as it creates a sense of “knowing” you
  3. Bloggers like it as it positions you as an expert and gives them something new to reference
  4. Destiny likes blogging as it enhances the likelihood of someone new arriving at your website

So with just a little discipline, daily or weekly blogging can help you open up new customers, new website visitors and possibly new members or donors. Not a bad return on investment.

Churches and Non Profits Can Mask Their Blog as Events & News!

Even with all the great reasons to blog, churches still find it one more chore for an already weary staff. Our solution is to have the blogs as the daily news. In this manner, the communication about upcoming events (which has to take place anyway) is posted through the blogging engine and then two birds are clipped with one stone.

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