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Is WordPress Secure? – Greenbirdmedia

WordPress is much more secure than any other CMS but it’s finally depend on the Website owner or development group hard work in maintaining security of website.  There are millions of websites powered by wordpress it is one of the best user cum seo friendly and developer friendly content management system (CMS).  WordPress themes are like front end to the websites which provide look feel to the site.

WordPress haves very crucial plugins which gives very accurate direction in part of SEO both On-Page and Off-Page.  Plugins and themes are created by developers are genuine.  Most of you may want to know why wordpress is secure.  I would like to share facts about wordpress.  More than 20% of websites throughout the world uses wordpress content management system.  The most top websites in the US use wordpress (CMS) and even Fortune 500 companies use wordpress. Websites like The Indian Express, Times Of India, Washington post, Fed Ex, IBM, eBay, Walmart etc. are built over wordpress.  When world’s top companies are using wordpress, then you shouldn’t feel doubt about it. The ratio says how secure a wordpress (CMS). Many might have doubt can I edit wordpress. Yes even non-technical users also can edit and update wordpress because wordpress is designed according to user-friendly.

WordPress is open source platform associated by large number of volunteers.  This community detect threat and respond immediately. WordPress is a powerful website content management system and website creation tool. It’s written in php and it is one of the most popular blogging engines on the web. WordPress is the best (CMS) content management system which enable website owner make update quickly and easily.

WordPress is trusted and used by many and it is the best platform that can meet your needs. You need to remember that your website is an extension of you and your brand so it requires some effort on your part too.

At our San Diego Web Design  Company, we build and design websites that allow business to develop and we definitely believe that in order to develop business it’s very much important to have specialised organic SEO visibility which start with engaging and up-to-date website.  In order to have all the features the website itself should be easy to update and expand.  We have determined that wordpress is the most easiest and diverse content management system (CMS) which will helpful to attract visitors and users.

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