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Is Your Business Under Cyber Threat !!

Business firms are getting more aware and determined about Cyber Intelligence and Threat Mitigation service.  In today`s world where in a connected ecosystem technology has eased lives and brought business to our fingertips. This ease of business also has a flipside as it gives this ease of access to not only the good guys but also the bad ones. There are big underground markets where hackers are furbishing kits to create identities, foster scams and eyeing credit cards & other frauds.


How many mails do you receive everyday which make you suspicious about the origination or the sender? Not sure, check your mail box again & you will surely find many. Dell SecureWorks released an update in 2013 on black hat markets, noticing a number of noteworthy trends beyond the theft of personal credentials such as passports, driver’s licenses, working Social Security numbers and even utility bills as a second form of authentication.  The report released had details on hacking and crime ware services and how they mimic legitimate business practices.

The question arises, how to recognize a phishing mail or link. They can be in a number of forms, like the company that you do business with, the bank or finance institution you are linked with or any social networking site. They will ask for personal information or bank account details, and once you disclose it, you fell like a prey to them. The most common fraud mechanism used is domain spoofing. The cyber criminals pretend to be the bank, retail store, travel service etc you use, to prompt you to give away your private information & credentials. The easy targets being elderly people who are not used to internet usage & generally fall prey to these insidious schemes.

Symantec has released a report which highlights a recent trend where mails are coming through domains which are similar to the registered domains of your regular service provider. Such domain names are carefully selected & if you are not vigilant, can easily catch you on the wrong foot. These spam campaigns invoke user action for nonexistent goods or services to receive payments by wire or credit card transfers. The way to avoid this is by being intuitive & suspicious. Do not open dubious mails with farce offers, like you have won a million dollars etc. If you open the mail by mistake, check the sender mail address and you sure will find out that you don’t need to take any action and it`s right place is your trash folder.

A lot of online websites also provide cyber intelligence and threat mitigation services & monitor such fraudulent schemes for businesses. For businesses it is extremely important to monitor and prevent such heinous acts as they can lose their trusted & valuable customers if not able to prevent or intimate them of such dubious activities being sent from scammers. Websites such as detect and eliminates fraudulent threats abusing legitimate brands. The strength of the team is to keep a continuous vigil on the brand and terminate any fraudulent operation as soon as it is initiated.  The team at lokeai has years of experience in combating frauds & works through an extensive database of contacts, sources and service providers the world over. Lokeai not only assists in identifying the entities but also gather evidence to shut down fraud operations and fathom future trends and mitigate further threats.

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