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Church Website Design

Startling fact about Church Website Design:

Visitors only go to a church after visiting the church's website. If your church website design is not current, user-friendly and truly reflective of your community, you are losing visitors to the next church on their list. Our most recent church statistics show that 50-70% of new congregants come to the church through the website.


Small Church Challenges:

Churches find themselves in an uncomfortable position of having small budgets, minimal staff, dropping attendance and shrinking pledge income. In the face of this, our recommendation is to invest in a new website. While it may seem counterintuitive, a church website is the first line of defense against many of these challenges.

Maximizing Staff & Volunteers through a Church Website:

A strong church website with interactive features and centralized information reduces the amount of time and effort spent broadcasting the many events every church manages. A web-based event calendar can centralize information for quick and accurate dissemination. Never hear the words, "No one told me!" again.

Boost Attendance & Community with a Church Website:

The internet and broadcast emailing allow you to compete for the attention of your parishioners. A weekly routine of updating, posting and broadcasting will guarantee that church is not forgotten. Those that can't attend due to distance, travel or illness can still feel part of and be included in parish life.


Grow & harvest easier with Online Pledges:

Online forms makes pledging a year-round, simple click of a button. The younger members are much slower to return a paper pledge. This will increase your pledges and donations.


Special offer for small congregation church website:

As a Special offering to Religious Organizations, we are providing a special package for small congregations (under 50 members) to jumpstart the congregation's growth. A content management system website, hosting, and email marketing for one year for $250/month. Request more information on this church website offer.


Examples of Church Website Design Projects:

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