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Design Questionnaire

    Please fill out the following questions as completely as possible. Indicate if each answer is a suggestion or a requirement. Thank you!

    The best way to give us an idea as to what you like is to show us examples. Tell us about web designs you like AND dislike and WHY. Be concrete and specific. Talk about specific elements on the page, and what works and doesn't work. Here are some examples: "I like the bold, red color of the headlines." "I like the wide sidebar on the left side." "I like the large sized text."

    Is there anything that your website is required to have or not have Legal Disclosures? A specific color? Pictures,Text, Video, etc? Site tagline? U.S. 508 Compliance? Miscrodata? Anything else...

    Please describe the "style" you are aiming for. Use words like cutting edge, modern, old fashioned, fun, high tech, warm and fuzzy, curvy, straight lined, cartooned, conservative, professional, etc...

    Do you wish any specific website elements included? Examples include straight or rounded corners, large buttons, large footer, etc.

    Do you prefer a design with bright color contrasts or do you prefer a more subdued look? Bright colors make your site stand out and are often more memorable. More subdued color schemes tend to appear more traditional and professional.

    Can you think of anything else we should know about you or your business or your requirements before we begin? Please list any thoughts or ideas that you have about your company and it's image.

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