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Drupal Web Design Strategy for Nonprofits

At Green Bird Media, we use the Drupal open source CMS system to
develop beautiful, intuitive websites with content that can be easily
edited and updated by volunteers or staff. Numerous useful features make
the Drupal CMS a top choice for non profit web design solutions.

With over 1 trillion web pages indexed by Google, having a web
strategy that includes an engaging, search engine and user friendly
website is more important than ever for any non-profit organization,
small businesses, or enterprise level business. A Drupal-based CMS
website allows you to edit content and rank well in Google.

Our holistic web design process integrates a search engine, and SEO-friendly Drupal web development solution that can help your business or nonprofit to:

  • Generate revenue
  • Increase membership
  • Decrease your sales cycle
  • Be search engine-friendly
  • Be flexible and scalable be affordable
  • Be functional
  • Be beautiful

Drupal Open Source CMS Advantages.

Through the implementation of Drupal CMS, an open source PHP content
management system, our small business and non-profit web design
solutions have some distinct and interesting features:

  • PHP open-source web design which means it’s scalable, flexible and upgradable
  • Content Management System (CMS) means that it is editable by you
  • Feature-rich web design: can be configured with blog, event calendar, forms, photo gallery and many other interactive tools
  • Search-engine ready web design: built to rank well with search
    engines with fast, clean code with all tags, titles and descriptions for

Drupal Web Design, Special Non Profit Web Design Pricing.

Our expert Drupal web designers specialize in helping non profit organizations communicate effectively through Drupal web design development. With special non profit web design pricing
anyone can be an online star. Call us today toll free at 888-400-8444,
or in San Diego at 619-393-6680 for a free web design consultation.
Improve communication with the membership, staff, donors and customers
of your non profit organization.

Drupal web development offers users the ability to set roles and
permissions to allow different levels of access to different
groups/individuals. Non Profit organizations including churches,
schools and other entities have benefited greatly from the versatility
that Drupal web design offers.

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