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All Saints’ Episcopal Pre-School Launches a New Parent-Teacher Portal

We are super excited to announce the launch of a new pre-school website for All Saints’ Episcopal Pre-school here in San Diego! It will give them an immediate upgrade from the old HTML-based basic pre-school website and bring loads of new features to Staff & Parents. 

A few new features for the school are the ability to keep an up to date Calendar, post to a School Blog, and have a great way to sort & share Photos.

Over the last several years we have worked with our school and pre-school partners to focus on user experience. It didn’t matter if it was Teacher, Student, or Parent accessing the website, we needed to find a way to Streamline the process. We developed a way of retrieving information easier, faster and in a way that is more efficient than current school websites. 

The addition of a search function will help users find exactly what they are looking for in the click of a button.

The way new technology is always changing and strengthening our service offerings, we felt it was time to give back. To give Students the best start possible by giving their schools a powerful & robust platform to work with. While most people will love the look and feel of this new Pre-School website, the most impressive thing about it, is that it uses the same web platform currently serving the Harvard University & the White House.

New Calendar of Events Old Events PageThese new tools & functions give the teachers and parents a huge advantage over schools not using this technology. If you are a school, We encourage you to contact Green Bird Media for a consult & estimate on what it would take to get your school or district a new website! We are really excited to see how our new ‘School Website Platform’ will help us to better serve the needs of your students, parents and teachers.

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