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Drupal Recently Completes 15 Years

Drupal, is the world’s second most popular Content Management System, recently finished 15years of active development.

The Starting first version of Drupal was released in month & year (January, 2000) and still continues to grow high and becomes strong. It’s noteworthy that on the same day of Drupal, Wikipedia was launched. Back in a time when Facebook and Twitter were just digital twinkles on the web.

Drupal is one of the first piece of software its fully support RSS. This was in a back time when the internet was dominated by the web browsers Internet Explorer and Opera., long before the birth of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Now Drupal is focusing on both the end users and enterprise users, it's quite interesting to look the future development roadmap of Drupal pans out. As more and more (CMS)-Content Management Systems focus on the integration of APIs for interacting with other services, Drupal too is adopting a similar path. In Comparison to Drupal, WordPress occupies top positions in the world of CMS and WordPress is now 12years old. Whereas the third position in CMS league. Joomla is decades old.

We San Diego Drupal Website Design shares the importance of Drupal. Drupal is a complex content management system. If you are looking for an extremely powerful B2B and B2C website with unlimited functionality and capabilities, then Drupal is best for you. Drupal arrives with latest release Drupal 8. Look at the excited advantages of Drupal 8. It’s imperative to migrate your business website to Drupal 8. Find the article why you should upgrade your website to Drupal 8 Now.

Drupal is best in security wise. You shouldn’t have any doubt, Drupal has very good security features. The worlds most famous government website like White House and many other websites trust Drupal. The Drupal’s core code has been proven to prevent common security problems such as those defined by OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project. The dedicated security team at Drupal is responsible for identifying issues, patching issues, and notify the community when theirs is something to watch out for.


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