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How Non-profits are faring in Pandemic

I do not like to repeat the negatives that this pandemic has brought on us. While it has been down under for most small businesses, unemployment being very high, I was wondering how non-profits were doing during the pandemic. As we all know, non-profits run on contributions / donations and mainly on volunteers.

I have contacted my friend Monika who is Principal Consultant at SSFN LLC. SSFN based in Washington DC is a professional services consulting practice offering a host of services to support the daily needs of nonprofit organizations.

Monika mentioned that big non profit companies have regular contributors but small non profits have the same story as any other small business.
She read in the news that about 30% of the non profit organizations will not re-open doors next year.
May be it is time for small non profits to invest more into marketing and run campaigns to stay afloat.

A San Diego founded business Green Bird Media can help small non profits and work with their minimum budgets as well.
I will be reaching out to some of them and report more findings soon.

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