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St. Paul’s Cathedral

  1. Green Bird Media has consistently responded quickly and knowledgeably to our requests and inquiries.
  2. You went the proverbial extra mile in responding to a constituent who was experiencing problems accessing the new website you designed for us, and thereby impressed members of our Chapter (Board of Directors).
  3. You have been extraordinarily patient with your extended decision-making process.
  4. The style for our logo and public face very much fits our organizational identity and appeals to those whose attention we wish to attract.
  5. Your pricing has been within reach of our modest communications budget and yet you have provided us with uncompromised service.

You asked us to comment on five things you could have done better. My honest answer is that I can’t think of any. We have received nothing but great reviews about the work you have done on behalf of the Cathedral. Engaging Green Bird Media is one of the best public relations and communications decisions we have made. Thanks for your expertise, your patience, your persistence, and your good humor through a long project with several additions.


David Norgard

Director of Communications and Membership
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