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Commerce Department Uses Drupal for Web Site Design

Commerce Department Uses Drupal for Web Site Design

One of the best aspects of the new Internet culture is that a shared sense of community can lead to programs, products, and services that are greater than the sum of their parts. This is most certainly the case with Drupal web development tools.

The Drupal web development platform focuses on combining ease of use with access to the latest in social media functions, and has recently gained a great deal of public press when the US Department of Commerce decided to re-design their official website using Drupal. This marked not only a victory for web design itself, but is a positive step forward in the use of open-source technology for any project – be it the use of Drupal for non profits, small businesses, or government agencies – this technology is adaptable.

At Green Bird Media, we specialize in designing clean and simple websites with easy-to-manage content. Initial web design can lead many companies astray, and result in a web presence far different than they anticipated. Green Bird Media streamlines the building process, working with clients to deliver a Drupal-based website that both meets their needs and is easy to maintain. Due to the amount of customization and functionality inherently present in Drupal, it is possible to create a website to match any design needs, and to also set it up in such a way that staff or volunteers can maintain and update the website easily.

Drupal for non profits, much like Drupal in a government setting, is on the rise and Green Bird Media has the skills to make the best use of the technology possible. We’re currently offering a free year of basic hosting for any of our Drupal designs, so stop by our website and see what Drupal and Green Bird Media can do for you.

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