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Green Bird Media Drupal Developers Launch Dot Coms For Moms

Ever wish someone would go through the thousands of mom related websites to let you know what’s great and what’s not worth your time? Someone has! Dot Coms For Moms is the newest website from Drupal developers Green Bird Media dedicated to saving moms time and money online. From healthy Holidays to road tripping with the family in style, Dot Coms for Moms covers it all.

The hip looking homepage provides a valuable overview of the most important and engaging activity on the site. A stylish design by our friends at Quirky Bird gives a great first impression. Hidden underneath all that style and front page content lies a ton of useful tools for the visitor.

Search Top 20 lists to find the best sites rated and reviewed by dedicated “Mom Mavens.” Topics include parenting advice, home goods, fashion, gear, life, fun and food. Mom Mavens are the personalities behind the site who scour the web and share their favorite spots. Content is divided into “Mom Types” like “Rock Mom”, “Sporty Mom”, and “Smart Mom” making it easy to find helpful websites to match users’ personalities.

For more from the Drupal developers at Green Bird Media, check out our Drupal portfolio.

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