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What Most Non Profit Organizations Look for in a Web Design?

Having been in top rankings for Non Profit Web Design in San Diego for over 8 years, Green Bird media built several custom designed big websites for non-profits both in San Diego and across The United States. We want to list our important features that non-profits would like to have on their websites or could benefit from having this features integrated on to their websites or just make our clients informed.

Donation :
The numero uno feature is undoubtedly “Donation”. Non profit organizations are usually driven by the donations from its members so every non profit organization would like to make best use of their web design to raise funds.

Second most important feature we found was “Events”. An event could be a weekly mass at a church or a campaign to raise social awareness or bring members together for some fun filled activity. An events calendar integration into a website that is editable by the web admin of the organization is like having a master screwdriver with changeable heads that fits any screw. An event updated and posted on website is inviting to most members since members tied up to an organization look forward to events. So having this feature integrated is definitely a big plus.

Going back to an old saying a picture speaks thousand words, having a Photo or Video Gallery as a part of non profit web design is kind of mandatory. Pictures/videos from past events categorized and organized into albums is a great feature since they not only make the current members cherish their moments at the organization but also reflects inviting to potential new members.

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