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Drupal Development Services

Why Drupal will serve you better now and in the future

We build websites on the Drupal content management system for 4 reasons:

  • It's flexible and scalable: if you want a small website today, but decide in three months to add forums, multiple blogs and multiple users to your site, we won't have to start from scratch. Drupal allows us to add various functions into any size website at any time.
  • It's open source: This platform allows thousands of people to build upon, upgrade and constantly improve the Drupal code, and people are passionate about Drupal. The community continues to grow, which means that for years to come Drupal will be a viable option for websites with continued support and improvement. Unlike many other content management systems which have a strong following in the beginning but development comes to a halt when funds run out, Drupal is community developed and will continue to grow.
  • It's a content management system: which means it is editable by you. Found a typo in the content? Login and edit or add content as you need it. This requires a greater investment in the beginning, as it takes more resources to build than an HTML site, but you won't have to contact us to request minor changes to content. You can edit all of the pages and create your own company blog, event calendar and more.
  • It's Search Engine-Friendly: Drupal has a beautiful architecture, making it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl and index your site. We also add a special mix of modules to make your site even more search engine-friendly, so whether or not you are going to hire an SEO, your site will be ready to rank.

Things Green Bird Media Does with Drupal for Our Clients:

  • Drupal Content Management Solutions
  • Drupal Ubercart Development & Design
  • Drupal Commerce Shopping Cart Storefronts
  • Drupal Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • Drupal Social Media Platform Development
  • Drupal Intranet Business Website Construction
  • Drupal Forum Solutions
  • Drupal Themeing and UI Design
  • Drupal Performance Tuning & Enhancement
  • Install Drupal on Oracle
  • Drupal Performance Tuning 


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