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Is Your Website Responsive Web Design

Most of us spend our time browsing over the internet in search of any information, You know in those days to find anything it was very complicated to do so, now the trend has been changed majority users are opting for different methods those days are gone which are complicated to find little information. Now everything is at the palm of our hands. Even Shopping, booking movie tickets and more over can now be done in just few clicks in mobile phones and tablets.

Last year 2014 report by comscore that the number of users who use desktops and mobiles have already crossed very high and the fact is increase in mobile users yearly, the number of desk users is decreasing according that.

Connecting with friends, finding partners, booking movie tickets, checking out places, Online shopping reading stories and all activities can now be done in mobile phones also and many of users are already choose because it is very convenience for all.

Recent research says that 60% of internet browsing is usually done via mobile phones and tablets in which 70% convert them to action.

Below is the percentages show in infographic explaining the popularity on how many users are there on each device when it comes to searching the internet.

Many of you might have a doubt is there any option where user look into website in any device and delivers same lay-out and features. For all your doubts there is only one solution responsive web design it is the best way to show your design without any errors in any multiple devices.

What are the exact benefits of Responsive Web Design?

According to Google Prioritizes Responsive Design

According to Google algorithm there are some significant changes took place on 21st April 2015 which indicate the need to go for  mobile responsive design because a solo URL makes it easy for Google to crawl and index, resulting to high search in pages results. Including to that, user experience is what they would prefer most and the better way to ensure that but with responsive web designs.

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