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It’s All about Writing Relevant Quality Articles that Increase SEO Today

The very crucial challenges that online business are facing today is maintain top position in major search engines specially in Google, You all know very well that 90% traffic comes from Google in US alone. They key goal of SEO is to be number one in Google.

Content plays important role in part of SEO, good quality writing is the key to effective Search Engine Optimization. Basic principles of writing genuine quality content online are still alive and true today. Proper grammar and spelling is still expected, point-blank content it is still preferred, and well-organized data is much helpful. However, changes in search engine optimization, as well as development in user attitudes, challenge online marketers to constantly reevaluate the article of their writing and put on changes wherever or however essential.

While writing article individually need to set few parameters like Write Original and Genuine content which is user friendly and easily understandable. As long as you go on continually adding new content to search engines will help to get you more traffic by placing your website at top position of major search engines. Writing quality content is the number one key to drive search engine rankings and there is no substitute for it. Blog content should be informative to the users it doesn’t look commercial.

The other part while writing content is to Improve Content Structure such as writing H1 tags, boldings, and anchor text which boost your SEO ranking in addition to that you need to write effective Title Tags for your keywords.

Keyword Ratio is very important in content, it’s an open secret that you all know including keywords within the content helps in improve of SEO. But need to focus that keywords should be properly balanced in article it is an initial step in writing SEO friendly content. Writing SEO and User friendly content is much more important to stay active and there are hundreds of tips helpful in making SEO friendly articles.

Before start writing article do some research relevant to keywords and anchor text it definitely give you idea what’s trend going on which indirectly help in making good content. The other major role is to keep in mind write article according to google penguin and google panda.

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